Lieutenant JG Drakkar Moq'Dar

Name Drakkar Okiwei Moq'Dar

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Full Name Drakkar Okiwei Moq'Dar
Gender Male
Species Orkraul
Age 28
Date of Birth June 8th, 2335

Physical Appearance

Height 7'4"
Weight Relative: 728 lbs. (330.215 kg) (Earth) - 5824 lbs (Home - Standard)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Skintone Light brown
Build Muscular
Features features:
*Multiple scarring over pectoralis Major to serratus anterior

*cicatrix extending from trapezius down to thoraco-lumbar fascia

*notcieable gash on latissimnus dorsi

*scar extending about tensor faciae latae

*healed burn marks on extensor digitorium
Physical Description Physical Anatomy:
- Acute Senses - Animal like
>Heightened Smell
>Heightened Auditory senses
>Sleightly Heightened sense of touch
>Vision - 20/5
* (Above adequate night vision)
- Strength
* Max grip strength 99000 N -
* Maximum lift weight with strain -
- 830,648 lbs (1,141 x bodyweight)
- 415.324 t (US)
- 376.77 ton (metric)
- 370.825 lot
- Superb Stamina
- Excellent Durability and Resilience (Highly dense physiology)
** Redundant immune system (three hearts, three pairs of lungs-see Jo'Bril/Takarans)
**He is not impervious to phaser fire or any type of plasma/lethal radiation/high-speed projectile damage. He can serve as a tank and can take a lot, but he can also die.
** Regardless, his race boasts a highly resilient efficient immune system. (Hirogen-similar)
- Notable

> (Electric Resistance 4950 - 4965 Ohms.
52.8 (A) - Natural Resistance, thick skin )

-Triple hearts, independent circulatory capability, immune to most known toxins and poisons, highly durable.
-6 chambered lungs, capable of processing in many toxic environments that contain traces of oxygen
-Dual chambered stomach, carnivorous dietary requirements, capable of storing sustenance for prolonged periods (Up to three weeks).

Cultural and Family Summary

Nickname(s) Drakkar, Doctor, Doc
Alias(s) -
Homeworld Yrrgol
Residence(s) Abrugarri Mountains - T'laika province
U.S.S. Boston - (current)

Father Drek'tholar Moq'Dar
Mother Jenassa Moq'Dar
Brother(s) Makoa Moq'Dar (220)
Nol Moq'Dar (193)
Sister(s) -
Spouse(s) -
Children -
Other Family 13 cousins
5 uncles
3 aunts
Mentor(s) His father
Dr. Phlox
Pets Sasha - White Mountain Saberwolf
Languages Known Kraul'karr (Orkraul language)
Klingon (Fluent)
Talaxian (Fluent)
French (Conversational)
Spanish (Somewhat proficient)
Federation Standard (Galacta)


Primary and Secondary Education Abrugarri Village Heritage Center, New Vorath Institute of Science
Undergraduate Institution Starfleet Medical Academy
Undergraduate Fields of Study Medical Science

-Some extension courses include:
Advanced Navigation
Temporal Mechanics and Analysis
Leadership (basic and advanced)
Fractal Calculus
Advanced Subspace Geometry
Tactical Analysis
Transporter Theory
Academy Extension Course #4077
Postgraduate Institution Adelman Neurological Institute
Postgraduate Fields of Study Interspecies Veterinary Medicine
Medical Science
Doctoral Institution Vulcan Medical Institute
Doctoral Fields of Study Doctorate of Psychology
Doctorate in Botanical Pharmacology
Post-doctoral Institution University of Nairobi
Post-doctoral Fields of Study Pursuing a Doctorate of Genetics and Archaeological medicine (currently fulfilling residency aboard the U.S.S. Boston
Additional or Miscellaneous Education or Training Hyper-Gravitation conditioning ( - part of natural Orkraul preparatory training )
Advanced Training in CQC/Armed/Unarmed
Weapon Proficiency (Lurpa, Bat'leth, Rohdahn Staff)
Basic Phaser Training (Rifle and Handheld)
Mastery in Kuvak'ross (Orkraul Martial Arts)
Proficiency in 4 earth Martial Arts (Brazilian Jiu Jistu, Krav Maga, Wing Chun, Capoeira)
Environmental Suit Spacewalk qualification
Hazardous Material Handling training
Infectious Contagion Counter-measures training
Piloting Certifications - (completion of phase III)
Engineering Degrees in Mechanical, Electrical, and Aerospace (Before he left Yrrgol)

Extension Courses:
Stellar Cartography
Quantum Chemistry
Survival Strategies

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is punctual, stalwart, and diligent. He is of a kind and gentle-natured of spirit but prefers not to speak much if he doesn't have to. The most that will be heard out of him is if he is giving orders around sickbay, or if he's asking questions. Other than that, he prefers to listen.

As stated before, he is very patient, but he does have a temper that he prefers to keep under control.

He prefers logic, always being the pragmatist.

He is quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger, and quick to forgive..but he can only be trifled with so many times, and his temper, when flared, is terrible.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Amiable, Patient, observant, loyal, great listener, diligent, resourceful, forgiving

Weaknesses: Workaholic, self-critical, self-driven to the point of collapse, has a very low tolerance for spicy food, puts others needs before his own most of the time, Reserved - due to his time around humans, along with the consideration of his own fiery temper, he will hardly ever tell someone if something is bothering him unless he has lost all patience, or if it is of nature where it is life or death.
Ambitions He hopes to serve his crewmates and captain to the best of his ability, become an excellent representative and ambassador for his people, and one day, return to his home planet to share his knowledge of medicine with his people and live out the rest of his days among them.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:
* Intense physical activity (Physical Training, Rugby, Mountain Climbing, etc)
* Reading
* Studying Martial Arts
* Herbalism
* Model building

He maintains a chief interest in maintaining peak physiological efficiency.
He has taken a collection of extension courses at the academy in the fields of engineering and science.

Personal History Drakkar is the youngest of three but is the more Impetuous one (if one could even call him that). Ever since he was a pup, he's always maintained dreams of being both warrior and explorer. It was not until he was recommended to the academy by a visiting federation officer that his dreams began to be realized. He's and last of his brothers to attend Starfleet Academy.

He's short of a Panglossian due to his proclivity for common sense (and perhaps a bit of skepticism here and there), but he makes a concerted effort to see the good in everything and everyone.

He's self-aware and reserved, but far from reticent. He will speak if he has something to say and the need is pressing (if his point has not already been made by someone else). He is not good at making small talk but will make the effort to make others comfortable. When one is familiar with him, and he with you, the Orkraul is transpicuous, despite the lack of words being spoken.

A gentle giant, he is soft-spoken and considerate, but he's not afraid to give it to you straight. He just demonstrates the courtesy of putting your feelings into consideration. Starfleet has taught him a few things about many different kindreds, tongues, and peoples.

Much like the rest of his race (space orcs), he is tall, strong, and proud of it. He's just not as boisterous as a Klingon, as he finds action instead of more convincing instead of incessant bragging.

A warrior raised by a sterling warrior culture, he is not afraid of a challenge, neither will he shy away from one if unnecessary. He loves a good scrap, but he is more sporting as his honor demands it. A stark difference to be noted, however: he does not despise diplomacy. Nor does he despise modesty. Silent confidence and pride is his own choosing over a boisterous and haughty demeanor (or affectation). He will not talk. He will demonstrate.

He loves to love, and he is patient, but beware the fury of a patient man.
Service Record =IN STARFLEET=

- Graduated Suma Cum Laude
- The Federation Citation of Honor
- Outstanding Achievement Award
- Combined Medicine Ribbon
- COMMODORE Joseph Gallagher, STARFLEET Medical Corps Service Ribbon (2 years)
- STARFLEET Medical Corps Commendation for Exemplary Group Effort Ribbon

* Starfleet Medical
- Length of service - 3 years

* Earth Spacedock - Medical technician
- Length of service - 3 months

* Deep Space 39 - Sierra - Asst. Medical Officer
- Length of Service: 5 months

* Transfer to U.S.S. Boston
- Assistant Medical Officer