Lieutenant JG T'Char Le'el

Name T'Char Le'el

Position Biologist

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Full Name T'Char Le'el
Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 37
Date of Birth September 8th, 2326, Stardate 7508.16

Physical Appearance

Height 1.74m
Weight 72.6kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Brown-tan
Features 2.54cm laceration burn on the epidermis of her orbicularis oculi, zygomaticus, and masseter. Various extenuating burns spanning the right serratus anterior, right latissimus dorsi, right biceps brachii, brachialis, right deltoid, right pectoralis major, and right trapezius.
Physical Description Sharp features, with a protruding brow likely due to a distant Romulan ancestor. A scar marks the right side of her face- appearing to be a plasma burn of some kind. Her ears are traditionally pointed, but round on the edges in a gentle curve. Her nose sticks out prominently from above a tight lip and tends to be wound up in scrutiny; it's almost as though her movement is led with her nose first. Her eyes are soft brown and rather cowlike for a Vulcan, but they flick to and fro just as sharply as the rest of her face, in typical Vulcan judgement. She's brown skinned, and tanned from a harsh Vulcan sun.

Cultural and Family Summary

Nickname(s) Tish, Cherry
Homeworld Vulcan
Residence(s) K'lati province
Mother A’ulu Ai-Le’el (Deceased 2350. January 7)
Sister(s) H’esti Le’el (Born 2317. December 17)
Languages Known Vulcan, Human English, Federation Standard (Galacta)


Primary and Secondary Education Vulcan Learning Center, K'lati province
Undergraduate Institution Shi'Oren t'Ek'Tallar (Vulcan Science Academy, ShiKahr)
Undergraduate Fields of Study Botany, Floriculture, Ecology
Postgraduate Institution Shi'Oren t'Ek'Tallar (Vulcan Science Academy, ShiKahr)
Postgraduate Fields of Study Exotic Matter Ecology and Exobiology
Doctoral Institution Shi'Oren t'Ek'Tallar (Vulcan Science Academy, ShiKahr)
Doctoral Fields of Study Doctorate in Exobiology,Sub-Specialization in Botany and Exo-ecology.
Post-doctoral Institution Starfleet Academy, class of 2354
Post-doctoral Fields of Study Specialist certification in Exobiology, Exo-ecology. Sub-Specialist certification Exotic Matter Ecology. Certified Medical Nurse.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shy, but blunt. Distant, but likes to be involved. She's a worrier and a hard person to be friends with sometimes, but she's the one who's going to remind you to drink enough water today. Her mannerisms liken her reputation to that of a cold, angry Vulcan but at heart she's just anxious and has no idea how to interact with other people. This can manifest as bitter aloofness most of the time, and it seems like she doesn't care about anything less, but in truth she cares a little bit too much about almost everything.
Strengths & Weaknesses She will never ever ask for help, even if she's dying. She'll offer to help you frequently however, and often times begin to help you without you asking (or even wanting) the help she offers.
T'Char has a need to be perfect, and in control: If she doesn't know where everyone is at all times, she'll start to panic. Her worrying can get in the way of productivity, ironically.
In a similar fashion she can be obsessive regarding perfection, and it can leave her stuck in a loop she can't escape from because she hasn't achieved the desired result. If she isn't able to complete her task, it leaves her distracted and upset until that task is finished, and she tends to hyper-fixate on her personal assignments.
Hobbies & Interests Floriculture is her version of therapy. It's nice to have a totally controlled environment where every factor can be perfectly aligned to suit the needs of a precious plant, especially if you have perfection anxiety. Her flowers are like her children, and she doesn't like to share them with anyone else. Taking care of her seedlings is the closest she has to an emotional outlet, and as such her emotions are thoroughly tied to the well-being of her greenhouse.

Personal History In June of 2345, she was accepted into the Vulcan Science Academy on scholarship application, having been rejected on one previous attempt of entry two (2) months prior;
The rejection was cited as due to "lack of emotional discipline," and for apparently failing the entrance interview. Official results of the interview report that Le’el refused to respond to questions regarding her heritage, family history, and rejected any genetic testing, instead rebuking the Academy staff with quote “language unbecoming of a Vulcan.” The second application by Le’el was admitted on academic scholarship from the Academy, as she had no sponsorship by any Vulcan family or institution.
In March of 2350, she transferred to Starfleet Academy six (6) months after graduation from the Vulcan Science Academy (graduating Starfleet Academy in 2354) and was assigned as an ensign to the USS-KENT.

Records indicate a single living relative, an elder sister named H’esti Le’el (Born 2302. December 17) owning a home in the K'lati province on Vulcan. Both sisters are recorded as residents of the estate and of the K’lati province, H’esti since 2319, and T’Char since 2327.
A previous owner of the estate granted H’esti ownership to the property, the mother A’ulu Ai-Le’el (Deceased 2350. January 7).

Physiological history:
-Plasma disruption detonation as a result of malfunctioning containment field equipment has caused a 2.54cm laceration burn on the epidermis of her orbicularis oculi, zygomaticus, and masseter. Various extenuating burns spanning the right serratus anterior, right latissimus dorsi, right biceps brachii, brachialis, right deltoid, right pectoralis major, and right trapezius. Patient has requested to forgo epidermal reconstruction.
[See Incident Report NCC05673-D12]
-Diagnosis of Pa'nar syndrome during attendance of the Vulcan Science Academy, treatment concluded.
_Ongoing supplement: spironolactone, estradiol

Service Record ://Current Assignment(s)
_Former science officer and assigned exobiologist USS KENT NCC-5673, Earning LTJG 2357. August 14th
_Biologist assigned to USS BOSTON NCC-26163
://Registered Spacecraft:
_Vulcan manufactured T’Pol class shuttle “Pi’kli”- dyzhinaya su’us [V55597]