Lieutenant JG Kyr th'Vovass

Name Kyr th'Vovass

Position Assistant Chief of Security

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Full Name Kyr th'Vovass
Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 24
Date of Birth 04/22/2338

Physical Appearance

Height 1.86m (6'1")
Weight 85 kg, 185 lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Skintone Dark Blue
Build Athletic

Cultural and Family Summary

Homeworld Andoria
Residence(s) Ensign Quarters, U.S.S. Boston
Vovass Clan Holding, Andoria
Father Thyb th'Vovass, Kyss ch"Vovass
Mother Sezo zh'Vholloth, Tiria sh'Verhit
Mentor(s) Thyb th'Qaolrir, Commander, Exo-Security Studies Professor, Department of Exo-Political Studies
Languages Known Andorian, English, and Klingon (Studied at Starfleet Academy)


Primary and Secondary Education Vovass Primary Academy of Education
Undergraduate Institution Starfleet Academy
Undergraduate Fields of Study Federation History, Federation Law, Criminal Justice, Alpha and Beta Quadrant Security Studies.
Additional or Miscellaneous Education or Training Top Secret / Special Compartmentalized Information Security Clearance
Shuttle pilot qualified
Environmental Suit Spacewalk qualified
Hazardous Material Handling training
Infectious Contagion Counter-measures training
Ushann-Tor Mastery
Blackbelt in Andorian Unarmed martial arts
Expert Phaser Marksmen

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kyr th'Vovass is a junior Security Officer and is acutely aware of his inexperience and junior position when compared to his fellow officers. Being diligent and hidebound to Starfleet regulations are partly how he attempts to counter his inexperience. Kyr finds himself swept into action during the Piraktans crisis while still trying to find his footing and his place among the crew of the Boston.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Diligent and focused on carrying out his duties
Skilled in armed and unarmed combat

Reacts to the unexpected by rigid adherence to standard operating procedure
Inexperienced in interpersonal relationships, the result being a passivity or lack of initiative
Ambitions Kyr hopes to one day command a starship, to uphold his duty and honor while meeting the expectations of his family, in excelling in his career and perhaps, to be the first in his family to reach flag rank.
Hobbies & Interests Hiking in extreme terrain, preferably in arctic conditions. Ushann-Tor sparring and dueling. Early Federation history focusing on Captains Shran and Archer. He likes trashy action holodeck novels, the more explosions the better as far as he is concerned. Kyr also dabbles in painting landscapes and in figure sculpting. The one thing that he does that is knowingly against regulations is to brew small batch Andorian Ale whenever he gets the chance.

Personal History Born on the icy moon of Andoria, Kyr th’Vovass is the only child born to his family’s group marriage, each birth a precious treasure due to the very low birth rate of Andorians. Rather than being coddled as might be the case for other Andorian children, Kyr was constantly pressured to succeed which took the form of strenuous “exercises” carried out by his parents, including full contact Ushann-Tor sparring starting at a young age to numerous excursions to the harsh Andorian icefields. His family and clan have a long history of service to the Federation and to, before the Federation’s founding, the Andorian Imperial Guard. Kyr’s mothers would regal him with tales about the heroes Thy’lek Shran and Captain Archer along with foundation of the Federation after the ruins of the Earth-Romulan War which left a deep impression on the young Kyr. Along with the stories was his family’s emphasis on Duty and Honor. Duty to the Federation, to its ideals, and all the sentient beings that it protects through Starfleet and in Honor, to value honesty, straightforwardness, fair treatment of others and to conduct oneself to a high personal standard. Kyr’s early Ushann-Tor training would carry him to Andoria’s planetary Ushann-Tor’s junior competition quarterfinals. It was never in question that he would join Stafleet.
At Starfleet Academy, he was a diligent student, but found complex scientific and mathematical coursework extremely difficult, relying heavily on the personal tutoring of classmates. Coursework that he excelled at and majored in were: Interspecies psychology, criminal justice, Federation Law, interstellar sociology, comparative quadrant political studies, and Alpha and Beta quadrant security and strategic studies. Kyr would graduate in 2359, in the bottom middle of his class and feeling pressure to succeed, went to his first duty assignment, a security post at a classified Starfleet biological/chemical research lab.
The mundane reality of working security at a classified facility clashed with his overheated expectations about what it meant to be a Starfleet officer. His duties included conducting background security interviews, maintaining and overseeing the physical security of classified materials, light EV maintaince spacewalks which would only be interrupted with terrifying moments whenever a specimen breached containment or a threatening environmental hazard would occur on the station. The station itself was placed in orbit around a gas giant, hidden among its moons. The gas giant had extremely strong Van Allen radiation belts, masking the station and in the event of the station’s destruction would scour any escaped specimens in its wreckage. The problem was that it blocked transporters and required the use of heavily shielded shuttles and EV suits to run supplies and perform regular maintaince on the outside of the station. Losing some of the few friends that he made in his life during these emergencies left gave Kyr a deep appreciation for following proper procedure and the importance of checking the small details having seen the consequences of “slacking” off or overlooking the small stuff. His detailer promised him a shipboard duty assignment at the end of his first tour which Kyr held onto like a lifeline. Kyr feels like the opportunity to prove to himself that he has what it takes to carry out his family’s expectation has finally come since he has received orders to transfer to the U.S.S. Boston.
Service Record 2356-2360 - Joins Starfleet and attends the Academy, graduates in 263rd place out of his class of 330.
2360 - 2362 - Ensign, Junior Security Officer at Carrington Classified Biological Chemical Research Facility. 4.0 Personnel Fitness Report Rating.
Nov. 2362 - Transferred to U.S.S. Boston as a Security Officer.