Ensign Alex Rubens

Name Alex V. Rubens

Position Junior Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Last Post

Character Information

Full Name Alexandra Venus Rubens
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 23
Date of Birth July 1st, 2339 // Stardate 19273.22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6" // 1.68 m
Weight 150 lbs // 68 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Slightly tan
Build Average/curvy
Features Four-pointed/compass star tattoo on her upper back, opposite where her heart would be. Around the compass is the motto "ad astra per aspera."
Physical Description Alex Rubens presents as a mostly average female human. She has fairly straight dark brown hair that comes to her shoulders and has a tendency to prefer her regulation uniform in most circumstances. She is slightly taller than average with a medium build, and a figure that is inclined to being curvy (though fluctuates a fair mount).

Cultural and Family Summary

Homeworld Earth
Residence(s) Current: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
Historical: Chicago, Earth
Father Scott Rubens
Mother Marian Patten-Hernandez
Sister(s) Ariana Rubens
Languages Known Galacta (Federation standard)


Primary and Secondary Education Libertyville High School (Libertyville, Earth), Class of 2357
Undergraduate Institution Starfleet Academy (San Francisco, California; Earth), Class of 2361
Undergraduate Fields of Study Naval history and tactics (1700-current)
Weapons systems operation and maintenance

Personality & Traits

General Overview Can be slow to open up to others, but is eager to learn and pull her weight. Holds herself to (sometimes impossibly) high standards and often neglects self-care if she can be of use to others (either as individuals or her crew). She has a strong interest in naval history, strategy, and tactics, as well as geopolitics as applied to interstellar diplomacy. Both, along with a specialization in weapons systems operation and maintenance - a field not well-served in the relative peace the Federation has experienced - served as one of her principal fields of study at Starfleet Academy.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is an insatiable bookworm, a hard worker, and loyal friend and crewmate. Alex has a tendency to be anxious, especially in new situations, which can lead her to be aloof for fear of putting others off or giving a poor impression. Similarly, she has a sweet tooth and stress eats, which often requires her to spend time in the gym - though often with her weight and figure yo-yoing more than managing a steady number.
Ambitions After her previous assignments on several Starbases - largely geared around maintenance, refit, and overhaul - Alex has a case of wanderlust that only time on a ship can sate. She has a passion for interstellar relations and naval strategy, which has led to her using holo-emitter facilities to study both case studies and long-term trends in both. She has considered starship command or service in the Federation's diplomatic corps in the long-term but has not settled on either yet.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, historical recreations and lectures, science fiction, sports from Earth from 1900 on.