Tathi Accord (WiP)

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Along the rimward border of the Betazed and Minos Korva sectors lies the powerbase of the great Tathi Accord.

Accord Space

Having settled in a cluster of star systems in what they call the Tath sector, the Accord went mostly unnoticed for decades. With the Klingon Empire on one side and the Tholian Assembly on the other, remaining unremarkable was likely their best defense. When they finally showed their hand, the Accord blazed a path along a large swath of the Alpha Quadrant, asserting themselves just shy of the three established borders. Early forays into this newly established zone were met with strangely peaceful, but firm, response. It was made quite clear that anyone was welcome to pass through as they pleased, but should anyone take an aggressive stance toward the Accord, they would be offered no quarter.
As for the species living in the newly claimed territory, they were left untouched. The Accord claimed their systems as territory, but made no effort to assimilate or conquer. Eventually, those species began noticing strange new visitors, who would simply observe them for arbitrary lengths of time, then vanish. Shortly afterward, the Accord would reach out, offering trade and affirming their stance as a sort of protectorate.

The Tathi

Centered around their new home system of Tath, the three races that make up the Accord each play a different role in its day-to-day operation. The Nothara are its silent enforcers, deployed to swiftly crush any dangers to the Accord. The Sevra deal with trade and diplomatic relations, offering medical and scientific expertise to any in need. The Fozii run regular patrols, and send out scouts into the wider galaxy to bring back knowledge and resources.
Should anyone ask who rules or runs the Accord as a whole, there would be no answer. Snap decisions are left to those who are most effected by them, or most effective in dealing with them. Given enough time to reach a conclusion, however, the different races prefer to adopt a more investigative stance, ensuring they explore all possible outcomes before making a change that could be detrimental.

Psionic KEPH Scale

Due to the varying strengths of the three member-species psionic abilities, the Fozii developed a scale by which they measure all individual members. Each individual is rated K for telekinetic, P for telepathic, E for empathic and H for empathic healing. It is possible to be highly rated in multiple fields, especially E and H, but almost no one rates highly in all four, and it is impossible to have both telekinetic and empathic abilities.

Telekinesis [K]

K1 – No noticeable telekinetic ability
K2 – Able to move objects up to 25kg (55lbs)
K3 – Able to move objects up to 50kg (110lbs) and throw objects up to 25kg with lethal force
K4 – Able to move objects up to 75kg (165lbs), throw objects up to 50kg, and sense the basic composition of an object through direct contact
K5 – Able to move objects over 75kg, throw objects over 50kg, and sense the composition of any object within mental range

Empathy [E]

E1 – No noticeable empathic ability
E2 – Able to sense emotion through direct contact
E3 – Able to sense the emotions of an entity within visual range
E4 – Able to sense the emotions of multiple entities within 1km passively, focus on a single entity within 10km, and bond with other empaths up to 10LY away
E5 – Able to passively sense the emotions of anything within 100km, focus within 10LY, bond with other empaths over 20LY, and directly influence the emotions of others

Telekinesis [P]

P1 – No noticeable telepathic ability
P2 – Able to sense the surface thoughts of unshielded minds through direct contact
P3 – Able to sense surface thoughts within 10m (33ft), project their thoughts to anyone in visual range and explore any unshielded mind through direct contact
P4 – Able to sense and project thoughts within 1km (3280ft), explore unshielded minds within visual range, and converse mentally with other telepaths up to 100km (60mi) away
P5 – Able to sense thoughts and explore multiple unshielded minds within 100km, converse mentally with multiple other telepaths up to 40LY (2 sectors) away, and enforce their will on weak minds

Empathic Healing [H]

H1 – No healing ability
H2 – Able to transfer abrasions
H3 – Able to transfer lacerations and fractures
H4 – Able to knit bones and repair nerve damage
H5 – Able to transfer almost any injury with fine control over the process, and also capable of causing damage at will

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