Nothara (Tathi Accord)

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Notharan (pl. Nothara), homeworld Noth'ka (formerly Tath)


Living on the distant, sun-starved and dangerous planet of Noth'ka, the Nothara are born warriors. Centuries of life in a harsh, unforgiving environment has only served to make them tougher and colder.

Physical Appearance

Adult Nothara range in height from 165cm (5’5”) to 200cm (6’7”), with the occasional outlier. While mostly pale due to living in perpetual darkness, their skin varies from peach to shades of grey. Their hair is always black or dark red, and grows straight. Some Nothara even grow a form of mane down their spines. Their eyes feature a black sclera, with red, yellow or purple irises. All Nothara have a set of V-shaped ridges down their forehead and the bridge of their nose.


Like most Tathi, Nothara can be born with inherent telekinetic abilities. Its strength can register anywhere from K1 to K5, however all Nothara rate at P1, E1 and H1. (See: Psionic KEPH Scale under Tathi Accord)

Living on a dark planet has given the Nothara high visual acuity in low light, but high sensitivity to bright lights. Like all Tathi, they can see both visible and ultraviolet light, have a slightly greater field of view than humans with no blind spots, but cannot see quite as far as the others. They can, however, detect even minute movements within their FOV. They also have sharp senses of hearing and smell, and are sensitive to touch which allows them to pick up on changes in the air pressure around their bodies.

Strength, Flexibility, Stamina and Reflexes:
The Nothara are definitely the strongest and fastest of the three Tathi species. Constant training on their hostile planet has honed them to near physical perfection, while also hardening their bodies to handle the strain. As such, a Notharan at their peak could outperform a Vulcan, and go head-to-head with Tzenkethi or Undine.

In dire circumstances, a Notharan can overload their own bodies – increasing their strength, speed and endurance while deadening their sensitivity to pain. This state can only last for short bursts, and over time will degrade the individual’s mental facilities. Relying on this too much can result in them going entirely feral.


Following the Schism and the subsequent destruction of Tath, the Nothara embraced their more violent tendencies. Discovering the perfect home on Noth’ka, they live in a relatively small settlement dubbed the ‘Safezone’, defended by automated weapons emplacements and guards. From birth, they are taught to fight, learning combat even before speech. Once they reach puberty at around 8-10 years, they are sent beyond the Safezone’s walls with whatever weapon they choose. They spend several years surviving off the land and fighting the dangerous beasts that wander the planet. Only after successfully killing a suitably large and deadly monster are they permitted back within the city limits, at which point they are considered adults following a brief ceremony. Not all manage to return.
Adult Nothara continue to hone their combat skills, while also being taught other skills of their choosing at the academy set in the centre of the Safezone. The other Tathi races are also permitted to train at Noth’ka Academy, learning combat specialist skills such as flight, engineering marksmanship and CQC.
Due to their heavy focus on combat, the Nothara pick their leaders from the most effective tacticians and warriors. If a leader is deemed unsuitable or corrupt, they are removed from power immediately – by force, if necessary. Criminal trials are often resolved in combat between accuser and accused, though their concept of ‘crime’ is much less strict than those of the Federation. Theft is permitted in certain circumstances, as is murder – though only in self-defence.
While elderly Nothara are regarded with due reverence and whatever respect they have earned, any individual showing signs of going feral is exiled to the wilds, where they are often laid to rest by younger Nothara, if the beasts do not get them first.
Nothara do not follow the Klingon devotion to honor in combat, or the Romulan desire for victory by any means, but instead rely on their own moral compass. Once something becomes their enemy, they hold nothing back in eradicating it. Surrender may be accepted, but no Notharan will hesitate to deal the killing blow just because an enemy is temporarily unarmed or helpless. However, they will not initiate combat with a helpless opponent. And no, they don’t care about the difference between men, women and children; if it’s a threat, it’s a threat.

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